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Please complete all of the following information and questions and submit your application by 11.59pm, Wednesday 8 February 2023. We cannot accept applications after this date.

Have questions about the application process? Email admin@tarlingaria.org.nz

Terms and Conditions

  • PARTICIPANTS – This competition is open to all ages and abilities. Preference given to participants from the South Auckland Area. Participants must make themselves available should they be accepted, for the Final Recital 21 February 2023 including rehearsal 20 February 2023. Winners will need to be available to perform at the MSO Family Concert 21 May 2023 and attend rehearsals.
  • ENTRIES –Entries for Round One must have a completed application form, with an accessible link to their performance on YouTube. These must be submitted through the www.tarlingaria.org.nz website and received by 11.59pm 8 February 2023 to be accepted. LATE ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
  • DIGITAL ENTRIES – Videos uploaded to YouTube must have a clear view and audio of the person singing, and must not edited in any way. The participant may sing any song of their choosing and may be accompanied by piano (preferred) or unaccompanied. Videos must show a minimum of 2 minutes of singing. Participants must start their video by stating their name, and the piece they are performing.
  • PRIVACY – Digital entries will not be shared through digital media by the organizers or associated staff of the Nicholas Tarling Aria Competition, and the Manukau Symphony Orchestra, without express permission from the participant.
  • JUDGES –Communications with the Judge(s), either by competitors, teachers, or any other interested parties prior to, or during the competitions is prohibited. A judge reserves the right to communicate if appropriate. Additional adjudicators may be appointed as required to accommodate participants levels.
  • SUBSTITUTE JUDGE – The Committee reserves the right to appoint a substitute Judge for an announced Judge when necessary.
  • FINAL RECITAL – Participants invited to the Final Recital will perform Two Arias or Songs with piano accompaniment, up to 10 minutes total in length. Participants will need to provide Names of songs/arias performed and composers for the programme prior, and provide sheet music for the Recital.
  • ORDER OF PERFORMANCE – During the Final Recital, participants will perform in the order in which they appear in the programme. Any change must be with the permission of the appropriate Convenor.
  • MARKETING AND PUBLICITY – All Participants in the Final Recital and Winners agree for their images to be used to promote the Nicholas Tarling Aria Competition in print and Digital Media platforms. Final Recital Participants will be required to provide a photo for the programme and digital platforms. Photographs from our official photographer will be made available to participants free of charge.
  • ACCOMPANIST – Accompanist for the Final Recital will be announced on the website.
  • PROTESTSAll Judges decisions are final.
  • FINAL RECITAL STAGE – No person, other than the officials or guardians of minors, will be permitted backstage, or at the side of the stage. No prompting, or assistance of any kind may be rendered during the performance except by the Judge, or his/her appointee.
  • GENERAL RESERVATION – The Executive Committee reserves the right of determining the status of all competitors, and of applying and interpreting all of the rules. The decision of the Committee is final.